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Welcome to Fizz and Groove – home of the highest rated DJ hire service operating in West Sussex. Fizz and Groove has been designed from the outset to be better than every single other DJ company in existence in every single category you can think of, on purpose, to make it impossible to choose anyone else for your big day. In the following paragraphs I will explain how this is the case and why you should choose us.

Are you Looking for a Wedding DJ Near you?

Most people want a local DJ. They don’t want to have to worry about whether the DJ or photographer is going to get stuck in 3 hours of traffic jams and end up late. At Fizz and Groove, we have DJs that live IN Sussex. Whether you are looking for a Wedding DJ in Worthing or Chichester, we have you covered. We can cover all areas including Horsham, Pulborough, Selsey and Arundel. This isn’t the most important thing when choosing a wedding DJ though. We actually believe that the 3 most important things are Experience, Equipment and knowledge of music. I will explain why we top the scoreboards for these categories next.

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We believe that one of the most important characteristics a wedding DJ can have is experience. Collectively we have DJ’ed at over 1000 weddings. Gary, the director and main DJ at Fizz and Groove has personally DJ’ed at around 300-400 over the last 16 years, not to mention all the countless other jobs like clubs, birthday parties etc. Therefore when it comes to knowing exactly what sort of music to play at what time to get the crowd going, we are experts!

All of our DJs come vetted with tons of experience. Between us we have racked up some serious global DJing mileage. We have a CV consisting of DJing in London, Ibiza, U.S.A, Puerto Rico, Greece, Italy and more. One thing we are not is amateur.

This experience brings with it knowledge of music, my friends often call me “shazam” because I have such a good knowledge of music that they can hum a tune, or play a very short excerpt and I will be able to tell them the Title, artist and often even the tempo or BPM of the song. This has come in handy countless times when people are trying to make requests at weddings and can’t remember the name of the song.

DJ Equipment

Why does DJ equipment matter?

DJ equipment is another one of the most important factors in our opinion. There are some DJs out there that spend about £1000-£1500 on their equipment. For this you will probably get 2 basic speakers, an old laptop and basic controller and a standard cloth covered DJ booth. 

However at Fizz and Groove, we use only high end equipment. Our sound equipment includes 2 top of the range RCF Active speakers at 1400W each. To put this into perspective, one of our speakers will cost more than your average DJs entire setup.

Our DJ booths are handmade by a carpenter and are unique. This means you will not find any other DJ using them. Our booths fit in perfectly in all of the beautiful Sussex barn venues and all other venues in fact.

Our lighting system – we bring a full lighting setup to every single gig, consisting of 6 high end wireless uplighters and 2 moving heads, all controlled wirelessly via a DMX system by the DJ from behind the booth. 

We are the highest reviewed wedding DJs West Sussex has to offer

5 star reviewed DJ hire company in East Sussex

Reviews are important – they tell you whether you can trust a company to turn up and do a good job – One of my proudest things I can say about Fizz and Groove is that we have 100% 5 star reviews across google AND facebook. Don’t believe me? Google us. 

We keep this record for a reason – we give 100% at every single job and settle for nothing less than perfection. We are changing the stereotype of wedding DJs one job at a time.

Fizz and Groove are not your standard cheesy wedding DJ – we are the something different you have been looking for…

Take a look at our prices page for more information on the packages we offer or contact us below now and get us booked in early to avoid disappointment.