Hello everyone,

I haven’t put anything on here for a little while so I just thought I would give everyone an update around whats going on with Fizz and Groove during the Coronavirus pandemic.

Earlier this year the coronavirus took over all of our lives and resulted in lockdowns in most countries. This meant that weddings and events all came to a sudden crashing halt. In the first weekend of lockdown coming in, we had 3 events booked. All obviously got cancelled and full refunds were issued.

I know that this we don’t necessarily have to do this, as people often have insurance that covers this sort of thing, but as a point of principle I make the effort to always go out of my way to give great customer service to every client, so despite the pain this is causing everyone at the moment including us, I have refunded everyone who needed to cancel.

We have also agreed to move some of this years bookings to next year, although this also comes at a cost to us, as it takes up days we would have probably worked next year anyway, but hey ho, it could be worse!

All in all next year is looking to be an extremely busy year for us, with close to 50 bookings already in the diary. With that said, if you are looking at our site today and wondering whether to contact us and get a date in the diary, please do! We have had a few people contact us in the last month or so, where we have already been booked. We also already have a few bookings for 2022, so please, get in there early and send us an email. The earlier you get that date in the diary, the better the price we may be able to do you as well. In a 2021/2022 our prices will almost definitely be going up.

Lastly, we would like to say a great big thank you to all the emergency services, NHS and other key workers out there, going out every day and doing their bit for society. We are big supporters of you all.

We are now extending our 20% emergency services discount to frontline NHS staff, so please get in touch if you are one of these heroes.

Anyway, thanks for reading my ramble,

I hope everybody is keeping safe and look forward to weddings restarting ASAP.


Kind regards,


Fizz and Groove

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