Wedding Gift Lists

Oh where to start! Wedding gift lists can be a very controversial and complicated subject in 2020. As the bride and groom you may be asking yourself the following:

Is it the done thing? Is it rude to ask for money? Should I really be asking for that? Is it too expensive and presumptuous?

As a guest, it can be just as much of a minefield.

How much do I spend? Is it more thoughtful to buy a present?

Luckily for us The Wedding Shop carried out a bit of research that may just answer a few of these questions.

Do guests mind lists?

It appears that wedding guests don’t mind being given lists. In the survey only 23% of guests asked, said that they preferred to have the freedom to choose. So if you have a loose list of ideas, leaving guests with a bit of freedom to sway from the list, you can’t really go wrong.

Average spend on gifts

When questioned on average minimum and maximum spends on wedding gifts, there was quite a wide range. The average minimum spend came out at £24.70, with the average maximum spend being £111.46. The difference between these two spends appears to be based on the relationship the guest has with the bride and groom.

Who gets the big bucks?

The research revealed that guests would be willing to spend the most money on good friends, best friends and siblings. That seemed like an obvious outcome, with bosses and work colleagues coming out on the bottom of the list.

Finally it appears that guests are much more likely to spend more money on a wedding gift, when the bride and groom had paid for the food, drinks and accommodation for the day. A massive 65% said they were more likely to spend more.

See the full infographic below for full details.

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Wedding Gift Lists

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